Host Amanda Stern takes a deep dive with authors talking about their books. "Like listening to a really delicious night of live theater for readers." --AARP Magazine


With Amanda Stern

Lynn Steger Strong

Lynn Steger Strong: Want
"The tension comes from the various moments in their lives when they both want or need more from one another than the other is capable of giving."

Cathy Park Hong & Ayad Akhtar

Cathy Park Hong & Ayad Akhtar
"Seeing characters struggle in this country as part of the existential circumstance of their lives becomes a political statement" -- Ayad Akhtar
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Claudia Rankine: Just Us
"What if we started making certain things transparent so that we could maybe get to a new set of problems, because these ones are so old."
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Susan Burton

Susan Burton: Empty
"It's just an incredible sort of rebuilding of my faith in human relationships, to have said this thing that I was so scared to say."
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Raven Leilani

Raven Leilani: Luster
"The idea of the strong black woman who is noble and virtuous for how much pain she can bear and how well she bears it is extremely dehumanizing."
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Amanda Stern is the founder of New York City's iconic Happy Ending Music and Reading Series, widely considered the gold standard for literary events. The long-running show was produced at Joe’s Pub and later at Symphony Space, ending its fifteen-year run in 2018.

Amanda has produced more than three hundred live events, hosted almost all of them, but her feet hurt so now she’s doing a podcast. Author of The Long Haul, eleven books for children, and the memoir Little Panic, Amanda lives in Brooklyn with her daughter Busy, who happens to be a dog. 

Photo credit: Lloyd Bishop

About the Show

Host Amanda Stern takes a deep dive with authors talking about their books. “One of the most exciting writing podcasts to debut this year.” –Los Angeles Review of Books

This is the book podcast everyone’s talking about. Bookable features established authors and emerging talent in conversation with host and author Amanda Stern, perhaps best known for creating the Happy Ending Music & Reading Series at New York’s famous Joe’s Pub and Symphony Space.

With an immersive sound experience designed around each episode, Bookable takes you on an audio exploration of a great book—usually a new one, sometimes classic or even obscure, but always one hundred percent worth knowing about.