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Loud Tree Media produces sound-designed podcasts, and will soon help launch and distribute select audio with strategic programming partners. The plan is for new podcasts to be launched in partnership with Chestnut Hill, our audio workshop. With high production values, the best sound design and musical scoring possible, Loud Tree Media’s mission is to make content that changes things.

Why Bookable? Why incubate stuff?

With terrestrial radio on the decline and interview shows leading the way, authors have fewer ways to reach readers. Meanwhile, digital audio is in the middle of a major renaissance.

But about Bookable. It’s simple. While the media market has grown, what “works” has shrunk. Influencers are increasingly important—the written word almost an afterthought. These days in book-land a would-be author without a significant platform may not find a publisher, and if he or she does manage to get something published, the same problem makes it nearly impossible to get the word out about it.

A custom version, Bookable Slam, gives authors a way to reach people that doesn’t rely on a “big box,” lowest common denominator approach, helping them forge a direct connection with a real audience they can grow by opening a door to their work through excellent, addictively listenable audio production.

The same basic media worldview goes for the audio productions made by our partner Chestnut Hill. As audio becomes a big business, we aim to create meaningful programming that not only matters, but provides sound-crafted, unique, thoughtful, entertaining audio for the pickiest listeners.

We hope you like what you find here.


BEAU FRIEDLANDER, Founder and Editor-in-Chief

An award-winning publisher, garden-variety media person, and more recently podcaster, Beau founded the indie publisher Context Books–working with David Means, cult classic author Daniel Quinn, Derrick Jensen and Theodore Kaczynski (a.k.a. the Unabomber)–was the editor in chief of progressive radio network Air America and a comms director at The Intercept.

His writing has appeared in many publications including the New York Times, Harpers Magazine, Time, Los Angeles Times, Lapham’s Quarterly, Purple Magazine, The Paris Review and others. Aging Out is his first podcast.

The New York Post labeled Beau a “moral cretin” a couple decades ago. This remains the proudest moment of his professional career.

TRAVIS TAYLOR, Chief Web Dude of our Wee Little World

Sadly, Travis has been working with Beau on and off since 1997 when he was a freshman in college. An experienced web developer, Taylor works in the information technology and services industry and is good at anything that involves sitting in front of a computer. He might be a hacker.