They Accidentally Hacked the
Presidential Inauguration

Can your next Amazon purchase fund an international ransomware syndicate? Yes, especially if you’re buying a smoking gun.

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Retired Secret Service Chief of Staff Brian Ebert retired with 30 years of experience and more great stories than he can actually tell. After much begging and cajoling, we managed to get this doozy about the time two Romanian hackers accidentally hacked Washington D.C. Police cameras crucial to the safety of the dignitaries in attendance at the inauguration of Donald Trump. 

Along the way, we get to hear about a scam that could not only affect you, but could make you an accessory to the next international crime committed accidentally. 

File under: Stupid Hacker tricks. A sketchy Amazon vendor selling smoking guns (literally, but the kind used by high-end chefs) led the Secret Service to the hackers just days before the inauguration.

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