Scott Munn Fights an Outlaw and Wins!

Sometimes government employees actually get it right, and we talked to one of them.

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When first approached about this week’s guest, Adam was like, “Oh, c'mon, guys, jury duty scams!?!?.” That said, Travis and Beau didn’t know so much about them. The upshot, an intro to jury scams featuring a State Department employee who saw it coming, not because he’s a G-man, but because he’s addicted to Halloween decorations. 

If you’re a regular listener, you know how this goes: A scammer homes in on something that makes you feel panicky, and then tells you something to make you panic. Jury duty is similar to many scams out there, but the way our guest was able to suss it out was unique: He knew exactly where he was when the caller claimed he was served with an arrest warrant–in his front yard, packing up his graveyard. 

In this week’s Tin Foil Swan, phish served on a bed of AI-generated verbiage; as phishing emails become harder to discern we focus on core behaviors that may keep you safe.

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