Sara Ganim and Karen Given Have
No Affinity for Coco Berthmann

Two award-winning journalists explore a scammer’s troubled mind and dubious claims and introduce us to affinity scams.

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Scams often lean on sob stories, and then there’s social media star Coco Berthmann’s flimflam pity fest as chronicled in the new podcast, “Believable.” 

Was this attractive influencer a survivor of sex trafficking at the hands of her mom, a serial victim, Mormon convert, cancer patient, or she was just a liar and a fraud? Pulitzer Prize-winner Sara Ganim and Peabody award-winning producer Karen Given join us this week to give us a tour of Coco’s world where speculation about mental illness and well-designed fraud make strange bedfellows. 

This week’s Tin Foil Swan explores the hidden cost of scams, even when they’re unsuccessful: Time.

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