Michelle Waters’s Facebook Compromise
as Teachable Moment

Hijacked social media accounts can create massive fallout–personally and professionally.

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Educator and entrepreneur Michelle Waters is no stranger to facing difficulties head-on. But when her Facebook account was taken over by overseas scammers, she found her lifeline to friends, family and professional connections severed. To add insult to injury, they also used her PayPal account to advertise what may be the world’s ugliest pillow.

Most social media accounts are free to create, but if you use them a lot—especially for work—it can be very costly when you lose access to them.

Check out this week’s episode of “What the Hack with Adam Levinizzo” (he was in Italy this week) to hear how Michelle overcame her hack, and the lesson she learned (and teaches others) about the importance of controlling not only your intellectual property but its distribution.

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