Elizabeth Warren Tackles Big Tech

Senator Elizabeth Warren is a lightning rod for all things that impact consumers, and she’s taking on Big Tech.

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Elizabeth Warren put the kibosh on bad banking practices with her vision for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and now, with the Digital Consumer Protection Commission Act, she’s taking on Big Data. She joined us to talk about reigning in the Wild West of online life.

This week’s Tinfoil Swan takes a look at subscription email bombing, specifically as it relates to Beau’s recent experience of being bombed in aid of credit card fraud.

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Adam Levin is the former Director of Consumer Affairs for the State of New Jersey, serial entrepreneur and author of Swiped, which he wrote with his sidekick, writer and cyber mensch, Beau Friedlander. With expert commentary from Travis “Here’s What Actually Happened” Taylor, the show gets everything sorted out—or not—but either way you’re going to have a great time. Something weird happen to you? We’ve got your back.


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