Dan Stops a Slow-Roll Ransomware Attack

When EvilCorp attacked a resort company with ransomware, Dan was ready.

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Meet Dan Beeler of Boyne Resorts. He’s a cool guy, and no slouch when it comes to cybersecurity. The job: oversee the data and cybersecurity that makes possible a kingdom of outdoor bliss: skiing, fishing, hiking, ziplining, Segway tours, etc. If it’s cool and only doable outside, chances are good Boyne Resorts offers it. 

As CIO, one of Dan’s jobs is to protect fans of the great outdoors (or at least their data) from prying eyes and the myriad perils our personally identifiable information are subject to daily. Fending off the assortment of cyber attacks that come his way? All in a day’s work. 

That’s why Dan was the first to know when his company got hit by ransomware. Hear what happened, and how Dan saved the day in this latest episode of “What the Hack with Adam Levin."

Also: Should ransom payments be tax deductible? We ponder this question over chicken nugget smoothies.

See the transcript here.

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Adam Levin is the former Director of Consumer Affairs for the State of New Jersey, serial entrepreneur and author of Swiped, which he wrote with his sidekick, writer and cyber mensch, Beau Friedlander. With expert commentary from Travis “Here’s What Actually Happened” Taylor, the show gets everything sorted out—or not—but either way you’re going to have a great time. Something weird happen to you? We’ve got your back.


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