Chris Hutchins’s Travel Hacking
Gets Hacked

Chris Hutchins had a point. Ten million, in fact. And then they got stolen.

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One thing that we have learned doing What the Hack is that hackers really should refrain from hacking other hackers. They don’t like it, and they know how to do a thing or two so it could wind up that the hacker behind the hack gets hacked or the target lands on top. For you older listeners, think Mad Magazine’s Spy vs. Spy.

We had a great time this week talking to lifehacker Chris Hutchins about the time a hacker stole his lifehacking travel points, and Chris hacked him back, scoring even more points than before he got hacked. 

We just wanted to have him on the show to answer the question our show asks, title to title. 

Also discussed on this week’s Tin Foil Swan, Travis geeks out in ways we didn’t think possible with the Wu-Tang Clan. (Yes, it has to do with cybersecurity.)

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