Caitlin Brodnick Sees Pro
Wrestlers on Her Reality TV

Caitlin Brodnick of the ScamWow podcast joins What the Hack to talk about the real scams of reality television.

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ScamWow host Caitlin Brodnick re-joins us on What the Hack with Adam Levin to explore the age-old question, “If a real-life scammer goes on Reality TV and scams his or her fellow cast members, does anyone actually get scammed?”

Reality TV is fun to watch in the same way dumb tricks gone wrong are hilarious so long as no one gets hurt (very badly). But who are these people? 

This week we go a little meta, and ask the question: What sort of person volunteers to be on a Reality TV show? Who gets excited about being horrible in such a public way? Is your average Reality TV star just a criminal hiding in plain sight? And why do we like to watch this crap? 

Join us as we explore these questions and more with the host of our sister podcast. 

Also, on this week’s Tin Foil Swan segment: How to freeze your credit.

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