Brian Ebert Cancels a Counterfeit Credit
Card Racket

A retired Secret Service agent pulls the curtain back on a global counterfeit credit card operation that makes for a memorable tale.

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Real-life hero and retired Secret Service chief of staff Brian Ebert is an old friend of Adam. He joined us on “What the Hack with Adam Levin” to talk about the time he shut down an international credit card skimming operation. Listen in as he tells a story of mind-boggling proportions that will get you to finally freeze your credit.

The United States Secret Service has several assignments. It is responsible for it’s original job assigned by Abraham Lincoln: stopping counterfeiters and other crimes against our common currencies. But the agency’s scope has since grown to include protecting the lives of political leaders, investigating financial fraud of all stripe, and playing a crucial role in securing the nation’s financial infrastructure. In this first of at least two appearances, retired Secret Service agent Ebert tells a movie-worthy story about taking out an global syndicate of bad guys.

Check out this week’s episode as we’re walked through the complex arrest-proofing that underlies the organizational structure of an international counterfeit credit card ring, and perhaps even more interesting, what it’s like to ride Disneyland Park’s Space Mountain with a visiting head of state.

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