Brett Johnson is the Bad-Guy-Turned
-Good-Guy We’ve Been Wanting to Meet

Brett Johnson was a key member of one of the most active online criminal rackets until his conversion to good-guy status.

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If you’re a regular listener, you know we’ve actually tried to pay con artists to be on the show. So this episode is a pretty big deal. 

Reformed hacker and ex-con Brett Johnson tells us everything we ever wanted to know the way cyber criminals operate. As one of the founders of ShadowCrew, an infamous cybercrime syndicate during the early 2000s, Johnson had his hands in credit card fraud, phishing, virus development and more, and made a ton of money. Then he got caught. 

After his rehabilitation (which was after his prison escape), Brett got busy trying to do some good in the world. Who better to learn from how to not be a victim of cybercrime than a former cybercriminal? Don’t miss it. 

Also, on this week’s Tin Foil Swan: How to lock down your Facebook account. 

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