Beau Gets Hacked on the Way
to the Big House

Beau is constantly trying to get hacked so he can live to tell the tale. Every once in a while it actually works.

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One of the great things about hosting a show about scams and hacks is that when you get taken for a ride, you have a very convenient place to tell the story. 

This week Beau goes on a road trip to the Big House in Michigan where he ran afoul of a parking scam outside the third-largest sports arena in the world. We’re going to have to call this one a limited bandwidth / zero available parking scam.

Listen in as Adam interrogates Beau to get to the facts about what actually happened to him, singing a few college football chants along the way. 

You also hear why Beau hasn’t been on the phone with banks all day and learn some handy tips on minimizing the damage when you do get hacked. We hope you enjoy this completely avoidable episode (somebody needs to slow down when he’s excited).

This week’s Tin Foil Swan better not be new to you. 

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About the Hosts

Adam Levin is the former Director of Consumer Affairs for the State of New Jersey, serial entrepreneur and author of Swiped, which he wrote with his sidekick, writer and cyber mensch, Beau Friedlander. With expert commentary from Travis “Here’s What Actually Happened” Taylor, the show gets everything sorted out—or not—but either way you’re going to have a great time. Something weird happen to you? We’ve got your back.


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