Angelo Carusone Isn’t Sure the
Media is Ready to Rumble

With the unrest in the Middle East, we decided it was time to look into misinformation again.

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More interested in news than partisan views? Sadly, there’s no app for that. The post-Elon Musk media apocalypse has arrived, and it’s misinformation-friendly. Media Matters CEO Angelo Carusone joins us to discuss how legit media can add some friction to the fictions that go viral when the world is on fire. 

We take a specific look at platforms like Rumble, X (nee Twitter) and other peer-to-peer apps, discuss the advantages of reading newspapers, and Adam challenges Beau who defends himself with animal memes. This week’s Tin Foil Swan gives the basics for field new identification. (Hint: if you’re not checking the age of the accounts on social media posts about controversial topics, you need to start doing that.) 

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Adam Levin is the former Director of Consumer Affairs for the State of New Jersey, serial entrepreneur and author of Swiped, which he wrote with his sidekick, writer and cyber mensch, Beau Friedlander. With expert commentary from Travis “Here’s What Actually Happened” Taylor, the show gets everything sorted out—or not—but either way you’re going to have a great time. Something weird happen to you? We’ve got your back.


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