AARP Anti-Fraud Tzar Kathy Stokes
Gets Real about Online Crime

A new study from the AARP confirms what most of us feared: Scammers aren’t ageist.

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True or False: Scams have reached a crisis point, especially among older adults. The AARP’s Director of Fraud Prevention Kathy Stokes surprised us with the answer: Scammers aren’t ageist at all. In fact, digital natives may be far more susceptible to online crime.

The AARP conducted a study through its Fraud Watch Network. It found that young people are more likely to fall for online scams than older people. Kathy Stokes walked us through it, talked about the scam that shall not be named (we name it all the time on the show) and then explored best bets for tackling online crime in the future.

This week’s Tin Foil Swan takes a look at the way Google Ads can be used by criminals to redirect hapless web surfers into dangerous water. 

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