A Stroll Down Scammery Lane with
Adam, Beau and Travis

It’s hard to believe, but What the Hack with Adam Levin has been around for a whole year.

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What a difference a year makes. When we started this podcast last year, the world was rife with scams, hackers were making headlines, and the most popular password was “password.”

That’s all still happening, but at least we’ve made some new friends. 

From supermodels to cybersecurity experts to stand-up comics, What the Hack with Adam Levin set the stage for all kinds of stories, and the message remains the same: You’re never 100% safe from hackers, scammers or identity thieves, but sometimes you can stay one step ahead of them. Or not. Either way, there’s dad jokes.

Check out our latest episode for a look back on some highlights, teachable moments and object lessons in keeping cyber-safe.

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About the Hosts

Adam Levin is the former Director of Consumer Affairs for the State of New Jersey, serial entrepreneur and author of Swiped, which he wrote with his sidekick, writer and cyber mensch, Beau Friedlander. With expert commentary from Travis “Here’s What Actually Happened” Taylor, the show gets everything sorted out—or not—but either way you’re going to have a great time. Something weird happen to you? We’ve got your back.


What the Hack with Adam Levin is a production of Loud Tree Media and is produced by Andrew Steven.

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